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Collins Theory of Geopolitics - Effect of War

A country, for whatever reason, wants to have an empire. It builds its empire by attacking its neighbours and taking over both their land and their people.

The larger the empire becomes the more resources they have available to take further territory by force.

This model investigates the feasibility of starting such an empire, given its neighbouring territories all have the same ability in warfare, and that there are no limits placed on the empire's growth.

The model was developed with system dynamics and implemented in "Stella Architect" produced by ISEE Systems. The online simulation is hosted by ISEE systems.

The simulation is embedded below and requires a minimum width of screen. Alternatively it can be open in a separate window:

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  • Turchin, P. (2003). Historical dynamics: why states rise and fall (Vol. 41). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The differential equation version of Collins' model on which the system dynamics model presented is based.

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