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Welcome to the website of Church Growth Modelling. This is a science website, so prepare to be challenged. Questions welcome. It is a Christian website promoting revival, so prepare to be challenged spiritually!



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Variable Demand

The limit to church growth caused by constant demand can be removed by making society’s demand proportional to its numbers. However, church growth is still limited by the rate at which people leave and how long they remain hardened to re-joining the church.

What strategies can the church use to raise these limits and enhance its growth? Read More about “Variable Demand”


Nagaland Revival

A revival took place in the Indian state of Nagaland where the Baptist church rose from 130,000 members in 1976 to about 200,000 in 1982. The converts were largely drawn from the nominal Christian community of Nagaland.

Does this revival follow the pattern of the Limited Enthusiasm model?
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