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  • Decline of the Church of England – Update 2001-2012

    A year ago, I applied the Limited Enthusiasm Model of church growth to the decline of the Church of England, based on its published attendance figures 2001-2011 [1]. Since then, Statistics for Mission 2012 has been published by the C […]

  • George Carey and Church Decline

    It is not often that church decline makes the national newspapers, but when a former Archbishop says the church is on the brink of extinction, I guess such news is too hard to resist, even for a largely non-religious media […]

  • The Decline of the Church of England

    The decline of the Church of England has been well-publicised for many years. Because of the connections between church and state, the future survival of the church is of interest to many agencies, both Christian and otherwise. Any new attendance […]

  • The Singing that Ended the Dance

    Modelling the growth of the church in times of revival is fraught with difficulties. The work of the Holy Spirit is so unpredictable: “The wind blows where it wishes”, John 3:8. Social modelling, like my church growth work, depends on […]

  • Are We in Revival? – Wales 2013

    Ever since the Cwmbran Outpouring [1] started people have been speculating whether this is revival; whether this is “it”, the one we have been waiting for. It has prompted much discussion as to what revival really is, and it is […]

  • When the Presence of God Persists …

    Models and Reality People sometimes ask me how I can model church growth using mathematics, given that it is God who grows the church. I can answer that in two ways. Firstly, we construct mathematical models of many things in […]

  • Women Bishops and Church Growth

    Today was the day the Church of England narrowly turned down a proposal that would allow women to become bishops. Clearly this made headline news in the UK, especially as it had been widely anticipated that it would be passed. […]

  • Dealing with Church Decline

    Church growth is not just an academic study for me; it is personal. Not only am I fascinated by the growth and decline of churches; I am part of it. I belong to a church and engage in its mission, […]

  • Enthusiasm and the Presence of God

    I love enthusiasm! It may be a crowd enthusiastic for their sports team, an academic passionate for their subject, or a child in raptures over their latest toy. It is a joy to watch, because the enthusiasts are so happy […]

  • Community & Relationships in Church Growth

    I recently had an email from someone who wondered if the limited enthusiasm model of church growth implied that the church should give more attention to building relationships within the community, and that the church should also become a stronger […]

  • Church Planting

    Last Saturday I was at the Cardiff Men’s Convention, a day for Christian men. Great day, excellent talks, good worship etc. There were also some interesting round table sessions, where we got to speak with people running churches and missions. […]

  • Mexican Wave

    There is nothing like a conference to inspire your thinking. I have just returned from a great one in London, the annual gathering of the UK System Dynamics Society. System Dynamics is the main methodology I use in my church […]