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  • Update on the Welsh Outpouring 2013

    It is now five months since the phenomenon that has become known as the Welsh Outpouring started in Victory Church Cwmbran, Wales. Although I, and others, have referred to this as the “Cwmbran Outpouring”, Welsh Outpouring is a better description. […]

  • The Singing that Ended the Dance

    Modelling the growth of the church in times of revival is fraught with difficulties. The work of the Holy Spirit is so unpredictable: “The wind blows where it wishes”, John 3:8. Social modelling, like my church growth work, depends on […]

  • A Bad Night for Foxes: A Meeting at the Cwmbran Outpouring

    The Cwmbran Outpouring, aka Wales Outpouring, has been running five nights a week since April 10th 2013, at Victory Church which meets in a converted warehouse in Cwmbran [1]. I have written a number of blogs on this outpouring from […]

  • Are We in Revival? – Wales 2013

    Ever since the Cwmbran Outpouring [1] started people have been speculating whether this is revival; whether this is “it”, the one we have been waiting for. It has prompted much discussion as to what revival really is, and it is […]

  • When the Presence of God Persists …

    Models and Reality People sometimes ask me how I can model church growth using mathematics, given that it is God who grows the church. I can answer that in two ways. Firstly, we construct mathematical models of many things in […]

  • A Second Visit to the Cwmbran Outpouring

    It is now over a month since Victory Church in Cwmbran opened their doors five nights a week to share with other people the work that God has been doing in their church. After my first visit I asked two […]

  • Contagion in Cwmbran: A New “Welsh Outpouring”?

    It would be a brave person to make the claim that there is a new Welsh Revival. Wales is known as the Land of Revivals, with at least 15 revivals between 1762 and 1862 [1], plus the beginnings of Methodism […]