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  • UK Church Membership change

    Growth, Decline and Extinction of UK Churches

    Christianity is declining in the UK. In particular, the numbers participating in churches are decreasing each year. Of course, not all denominations are declining. A few are growing. What is […]

  • Why Revivals Stopped in the UK

    And The Churches Declined In two previous posts, I showed that the growth of the Presbyterian denomination in Wales came from a sequence of revivals that gave it a high […]

  • Membership Decline in the Southern Baptist Convention

    Every year the new edition of the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches publishes the membership figures for all the Christian denominations in the USA [1]. Heading up the list […]

  • Liberal and Conservative Churches Part 1

    Recently I came across two comments about liberalism within the Christian church that struck me: Liberal theology cannot sustain a local congregation. It kills churches. In fact, it only survives […]