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  • Billy Graham, Church Growth and Revival

    Given the news yesterday of the death of the great evangelist Billy Graham, I felt I needed to blog a few words in honour of a man who God used to do so much for the cause of the Gospel in the 20thcentury.

  • Communicating The Gospel

    Effective communication of the gospel is essential if those who do not believe in Jesus are to come to faith. How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? Rom 10:14. However, if the message is unintelligible, […]

  • Cowboys for Jesus

    Recently my wife and I spent a month in the USA, firstly at a conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then a few weeks touring Utah and Colorado. We have been to the States many times and really enjoyed the scenery, places […]

  • A Bad Night for Foxes: A Meeting at the Cwmbran Outpouring

    The Cwmbran Outpouring, aka Wales Outpouring, has been running five nights a week since April 10th 2013, at Victory Church which meets in a converted warehouse in Cwmbran [1]. I have written a number of blogs on this outpouring from […]

  • Contagion in Cwmbran: A New “Welsh Outpouring”?

    It would be a brave person to make the claim that there is a new Welsh Revival. Wales is known as the Land of Revivals, with at least 15 revivals between 1762 and 1862 [1], plus the beginnings of Methodism […]

  • Enthusiasm and the Presence of God

    I love enthusiasm! It may be a crowd enthusiastic for their sports team, an academic passionate for their subject, or a child in raptures over their latest toy. It is a joy to watch, because the enthusiasts are so happy […]

  • Revival with a Smile

    There have been numerous candidates for the phenomena of revival in the last hundred years or so. The 1904 Welsh revival and the 1949 Hebridean revival are accepted by most Christians as the genuine article. More recently, there has been […]

  • Challenge to Change

    A week ago a colleague of mine organised a study day at our university on the state of the churches in Wales and what can be done. Wales has seen a steady decline in church attendance from half the population […]

  • What is Church Growth?

    To kick off the blog on church growth modelling, it makes sense to try to understand what “church growth” actually is. The church growth modelling project has run since 1995. But to understand the modelling, we need to understand what […]