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  • Revival Involves the Presence of God

    Part 4 of 5. “What is a revival?” Answers to this question are essential if you want to understand the rationale for the Church Growth Modelling project. The fourth in this series of five articles comes from a sermon I […]

  • A Bad Night for Foxes: A Meeting at the Cwmbran Outpouring

    The Cwmbran Outpouring, aka Wales Outpouring, has been running five nights a week since April 10th 2013, at Victory Church which meets in a converted warehouse in Cwmbran [1]. I have written a number of blogs on this outpouring from […]

  • When the Presence of God Persists …

    Models and Reality People sometimes ask me how I can model church growth using mathematics, given that it is God who grows the church. I can answer that in two ways. Firstly, we construct mathematical models of many things in […]

  • Enthusiasm and the Presence of God

    I love enthusiasm! It may be a crowd enthusiastic for their sports team, an academic passionate for their subject, or a child in raptures over their latest toy. It is a joy to watch, because the enthusiasts are so happy […]