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  • Church growth plotted against enthusiasts

    Enthusiasts – Quantity or Quality?

    In the church growth models, “enthusiast” is the name given to the Christian believer who is responsible for bringing unbelievers to faith. Which is better for church growth, more enthusiasts or better enthusiasts?

  • Infectious Church Growth

    An “Agent-Based” View The central hypothesis I use to model church growth is that religious belief spreads like an infectious disease. This principle is built into the limited enthusiasm model of church growth. The church contains enthusiasts, who pass their […]

  • The Rise and Decline of British Methodism

    Application of the Institutional Model of Church Growth Some while ago, I introduced a model of church membership that explain the rapid growth of a church, only to be followed by decline as institutionalism set in [1]. The primary effect […]

  • Modelling Secularisation

    Part 3 of Christianity versus the Diversity Ideology In two previous blogs [1,2] I have been constructing a dynamic model of the competition between Christianity and the new secular ideology. The idea is that as Christianity declines in the West, […]

  • Revival is Real

    After all the blogs on church decline, I felt I needed to write on something more positive. Not that I am negative about the future of the Christian church. The Lord Jesus promised that his gospel would cover the earth […]

  • Revival and Church Growth – Dealing with Objections

    In two previous posts [1,2] I used the growth and decline of the Presbyterian denomination in Wales to put forward two complementary theses:   The growth of the church in the UK from the mid-1730s to the 1870s was due […]

  • Church Decline Caused By Lack of Revival

    In my last blog [1], I showed that the primary cause of decline for the Presbyterian Church of Wales (aka Calvinist Methodists) in the 20th century was due to a large drop in conversions to the church. Additionally, there was […]

  • Church Decline Caused by Lack of Conversions

    In my last blog, Closing Rural Churches [1], I said that no strategy to reverse church decline would work unless it deals with the root cause of decline, the church’s failure to recruit sufficient people to counteract its losses. In […]

  • Closing Rural Churches

    Is This the Way to Church Growth? Recently in an article for the Guardian newspaper, Giles Fraser suggested the Church of England should do to its churches what Beeching did to the railways, close its underused rural parishes. He further […]

  • Conversion – Hearts Strangely Warmed

    The Meaning of “Conversion” in Church Growth Models When I present my models on church growth, I invariably refer to the process by which a person joins, or starts attending, a church as their conversion. Like the words “believer” and “unbeliever”, […]

  • Membership Decline in the Southern Baptist Convention

    Every year, the new edition of the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches publishes the membership figures for all the Christian denominations in the USA [1]. Heading up the list of protestant churches is the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), very […]

  • Community & Relationships in Church Growth

    I recently had an email from someone who wondered if the limited enthusiasm model of church growth implied that the church should give more attention to building relationships within the community, and that the church should also become a stronger […]