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  • UK Church Membership change

    Growth, Decline and Extinction of UK Churches

    Christianity is declining in the UK. In particular, the numbers participating in churches are decreasing each year. Of course, not all denominations are declining. A few are growing. What is […]

  • Holy Spirit logo

    What is Revival? Introduction

    Based on a Sermon. Part 1 of 5. “What is a revival?” Answers to this question are essential to understand the rationale for the Church Growth Modelling project. The first […]

  • Church Growth Welsh Revival 1904-5

    Church Growth Modelling – The State of the Art

    Background I started the church growth modelling project back in 1995 following a chance comment concerning the then-popular “Toronto Blessing”. A friend of mine noted the phenomenon’s growth and said: […]

  • Church growth plotted against enthusiasts

    Enthusiasts – Quantity or Quality?

    In the church growth models, “enthusiast” is the name given to the Christian believer who is responsible for bringing unbelievers to faith. Which is better for church growth, more enthusiasts or better enthusiasts?

  • Billy Graham

    Billy Graham, Church Growth and Revival

    Given the news yesterday of the death of the great evangelist Billy Graham, I felt I needed to blog a few words in honour of a man who God used to do so much for the cause of the Gospel in the 20thcentury.

  • John Wesley

    John Wesley Under the Contemporary Spotlight

    Recently I had a lengthy comment on my blog post about John Wesley in Wales.  The comments raised so many issues that I felt it needed a long reply. So I have made the reply into a blog!

  • John Wesley, Enthusiasm and Today’s Church

    Recently, while on holiday in Pembrokeshire, I passed a plaque in the town of Haverfordwest dedicated to the memory of the pioneer Methodist evangelist, John Wesley.

  • Church Growth Limited by Evangelistic Purity

    The fourth in the series on limits to church growth. The relationship between a mixed church and the effectiveness of evangelism.

  • Church Growth and the Perils of Second-Order Feedback

    Feedback is the process where an action has an effect, which in turn changes the original action. Either it magnifies it ­– reinforcing feedback; or it corrects it – balancing feedback

  • Feedback and Church Growth

    Feedback in a system that changes over time is the mechanism where an action results in an effect, which then in turn influences the original action. The action literally “feeds […]