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  • Progressive Ideology

    UK Church Decline and Progressive Ideology

    Some churches in the UK are being influenced by the prevailing progressive ideology in Western culture. How does denominational growth and decline relate to acceptance of progressive ideas? This question is addressed examining the denominations’ approach to marriage.

  • UK Church Membership change

    Growth, Decline and Extinction of UK Churches

    Christianity is declining in the UK. In particular, the numbers participating in churches are decreasing each year. Of course, not all denominations are declining. A few are growing. What is the pattern of growth and decline across the UK denominations? […]

  • Church Growth Limited by Inadequate Resource Production

    Limits to Church Growth 3   In two previous blogs, I looked at congregational growth being limited by:   Demand from society [1]; Supply by the church [1]; Lack of enthusiasts [2]. However, even if there is an unlimited potential […]

  • Institutionalism and Church Decline

    In a recent post, Gillan Scott, deputy editor of the Archbishop Cranmer blog, suggested that the Church of England might be more interested in managing decline than engaging in mission [1]. He quotes Peter Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden: “Unfortunately, there […]

  • Decline of the Church of England – Update 2001-2012

    A year ago, I applied the Limited Enthusiasm Model of church growth to the decline of the Church of England, based on its published attendance figures 2001-2011 [1]. Since then, Statistics for Mission 2012 has been published by the C […]

  • George Carey and Church Decline

    It is not often that church decline makes the national newspapers, but when a former Archbishop says the church is on the brink of extinction, I guess such news is too hard to resist, even for a largely non-religious media […]

  • The Decline of the Church of England

    The decline of the Church of England has been well-publicised for many years. Because of the connections between church and state, the future survival of the church is of interest to many agencies, both Christian and otherwise. Any new attendance […]