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  • John Wesley Under the Contemporary Spotlight

    Recently I had a lengthy comment on my blog post about John Wesley in Wales.  The comments raised so many issues that I felt it needed a long reply. So I have made the reply into a blog!

  • A Prophecy of Church Decline

    At the beginning of the New Year, David Robertson, a well-known Free Church of Scotland minister and blogger, gave ten prophecies for 2017 [1]. One of these particularly caught my eye: The Church of Scotland and the Church of England in […]

  • The Rise and Decline of British Methodism

    Application of the Institutional Model of Church Growth Some while ago, I introduced a model of church membership that explain the rapid growth of a church, only to be followed by decline as institutionalism set in [1]. The primary effect […]

  • Churches or Political Parties: Who has the Largest Membership?

    Who has the greatest membership in the UK, the churches or the politcial parties? How do the dynamics of growth and decline compare?

  • Where to Plant a Church?

    Big City, Small Town, or Rural? Despite church decline, church planting continues at a fast pace. In the cities of the UK, the church landscape has a generous number of recently established, glossy, relatively wealthy, contemporary churches. It would appear […]

  • Rewriting History

    The other day I visited a Welsh mining museum [1]. The lady showing us around was describing the poor working conditions in the early 1800s, 10 hours a day underground, plus a long walk to work and back. She then […]

  • Institutionalism and Church Decline

    In a recent post, Gillan Scott, deputy editor of the Archbishop Cranmer blog, suggested that the Church of England might be more interested in managing decline than engaging in mission [1]. He quotes Peter Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden: “Unfortunately, there […]

  • Is the Charismatic Revival Over?

    The Changing Nature of Worship Songs In a recent article for Christian Today, worship leader Noel Richards passed commented on the style of worship songs written in the 1990s and those written now[1]. His central thesis is that there were […]